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A “Credit Union” for

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Discover little-known “credit unions on steroids” with annual yields as high as 11.8%... that pay out monthly dividend checks worth thousands of dollars... and that allow ordinary people to start investing with as little as $500.


Fellow Investor,


Years ago, before Wall Street and big banks took over the nation’s financial system, Main Street businesses were often funded by credit unions.


These not-for-profit financial cooperatives provided financial services to companies  the big banks ignored.


People in a community would deposit their savings with credit unions.  The credit unions, in turn, would lend money to American companies at fair market rates.  When there were any profits, the credit unions would distribute the proceeds to their depositors.


Today there are few credit unions left.  The big banks have forced many of them out of business.  Since the mid-1980s, the number of credit unions has been cut in half, from around 15,000 to just 8,100 today.


But a new type of investment vehicle has been created that in many ways is better than the old credit unions. 


It’s a private finance company that does what the old credit unions used to do:  lend money to successful  businesses... and pay eye-popping profits to its investors.


These new for-profit finance companies are similar to credit unions in that they are actually designed for the small investor and share almost all of their substantial profits with their investors. 


In fact, these investment companies are actually required, by law, to pass on 90% of their profits to the ordinary folks who invest in them.


Think about that:  Unlike the big banks, these new alternative investments let individual investors cash in just like the super-rich.


And just because they’re smaller than the “big banks,” that doesn’t mean they don’t produce eye-popping profits.


One of these super “credit unions,” American Capital, has handed average investors a total return of 941% since February 2009.  That works out to an average annual return of 75.1%!

If you have invested $2,000 back then, you’d have earned extra income of $4,707 today!


Another, KCAP Financial, Inc. (KCAP), is up 669% in the same time frame – for an average return of 66.5% per year. 


Apollo Investment Corporation is up 400%.


And BlackRock Kelso Capital Corporation is up 289% – an impressive average gain of 40% a year. 


It’s also a better return than almost any other type of investment these days, better even than many hedge funds have produced – and there is no million dollar minimum to invest. 


You can start with just a few hundred dollars to start – and then add money as would like.


Put simply:  These new “credit unions” let individual investors like you and me participate in the massive profits pouring out of the financial sector. 


They are NOT like the “too big to fail” mega-banks. Instead, they’re conservatively managed companies that are cleaning up the messes that big Wall Street banks left in their wake.


Most importantly, these private finance companies have a HUGE advantage over the big Wall Street mega-banks:  they can lend money to deserving small and medium-sized businesses.


The companies these new finance companies help make up the backbone of the American economy – providing jobs, products and services America needs. 


But when they need cash to expand, it’s hard to get.  The big banks are now mired in myriad regulations forced upon them due to their greed and mismanagement. 


But these new “credit unions” step in and provide the funding that America’s best companies need to grow.


And one more thing...


These Super “Credit Unions” Hand

Average Investors HUGE Dividend Checks!


While these private  “credit unions” are piling up capital gains like nothing you’ve ever seen, many of them ALSO hand out big fat dividend checks as well.   


As mentioned earlier, they are required, by law, to pass on 90% of their profits to shareholders.


One of these new “credit unions” currently pays out an annual yield of 11.2%.  


Another pays 11.8%... and a third pays 10.7%.


The only problem:  Most of these companies are NOT easy to find.  Their operations are private, often rarely mentioned in the media.


I’ve created a brand-new special report that tells you all about these new private ”credit unions” – and that reveals, for the first time, how average investors can grab their fair share of double-digit annual yields that are overlooked by 99% of investors


It’s called “Credit Unions on Steroids:  Private Finance Companies That Pay High Yields.


I’ll tell you how to get a FREE copy in a moment.  


But first, let me explain how you can potentially earn HUGE monthly payments in retirement. 


That’s one of the big advantages of these “super credit unions” – that produce enormous gains yet you can get started investing in them for as little as $500.


Imagine Making 52.6% a Year for the Past

Four Years with this Super “Credit Union”


Let me tell you about a great investment that’s making our readers piles of money right now.


This super “credit union” for small investors has generated an average return of 52.6% over the past four years – enough to turn every $500 invested into $2,700. 


A return like that, if it continues, could make you seriously rich:  it’s enough to turn every $500 in your retirement account into $34,000 in just 10 years!


In partnership with General Electric , this company lends money to small to medium businesses so they can grow more quickly.


Their investments include a dental products company, a vacation tour company, and a manufacturer of high-quality binoculars.


With nearly $6 billion in assets, this private finance company earned 12.2% on its investments.


As a result, the company has raised its distribution twice in the previous four quarters – with an annual yield of 8.2%.


What’s more,  the shares in this company have appreciated 442.1% in the past four years. 


That’s 52.6% a year.  At that rate, every $5,000 account would grow into $342,385 in just ten years.


Here’s what a few of our subscribers say about this recommendation:


"This investment has done very well for me… I have accumulated $2310 in dividends since August of 2011." – Jeff C.


 "I have over $750 in capital gains and just over $1,000 in dividends.  That amounts to $1,800 profit on a $6,500 total investment." – Bernie S.


 "In 2012, I received $1,366 in dividends and anticipate to receive $1,500 in dividends this year.  To date, my January 31, 2013 statement shows a gain of $1,664.64" – Victor N.


And make no mistake:  Very few investments give you returns like these.  


I’ll tell you all about this super “credit union” in your FREE copy of “Credit Unions on Steroids:  Private Finance Companies That Pay High Yields.


But before you send for your copy, let me tell you about ANOTHER super “credit union” that’s even better...


A Safe, Easy Way to Increase Your

Monthly Investment Income Up to 39 Times!


Another advantage to these super credit unions:  Unlike investment banks, they are forbidden from using leverage and are actually SAFER than many other types of investment.


They’re safer because their total debt outstanding is not permitted to exceed their equity.


In contrast, most banks have debt that is two to three times their equity.


Not surprisingly, there were 57 official bank failures during the last recession (December 2007 through May 2009). And the government spent a mind-boggling $700 billion in the Troubled Asset Relief Program to prevent even more.


In contrast, not one of these private “credit unions”  declared bankruptcy.  Not one.  Ever.


A few reduced their dividend, but have since clawed back with dividend increases.


One super “credit union” actually increased its dividend during the credit crunch – which is why it’s one of my strongest recommendations.


The company’s portfolio is spread among 82 long-term investments with a value of over $2 billion.


This company pays an eye-popping 10.7% annual yield in monthly installments!  That’s...


... 10 times more than you can get in a two-year bank CD...

... 22 times more than in a money market account... and

... 39 times more than a 2-year U.S. Treasury note


Think about that:  If you’re struggling to make ends meet with interest from your money market or bank CD, simply by switching into this one investment you could significantly increase your monthly cash flow!


I’ll tell you everything you need to know about “making the switch” in your copy of “Credit Unions on Steroids:  Private Finance Companies That Pay High Yields.


And that leads me to another point:  How you can stay informed about the biggest, fattest, safest monthly dividend payers around...


Never Miss Out on the Biggest Income Payers

with my High Yield Wealth Advisory Service


Once you’ve discovered how investors like you can earn double-digit annual yields with your copy of “Credit Unions on Steroids:  Private Finance Companies That Pay High Yields – you’ll need a regular source of reliable, timely information on these specialized investments.


That’s why I created my unique income service for income investors, High Yield Wealth. 


Each issue of High Yield Wealth reveals a new income investment opportunity that produces hedge fund-like profits – handpicked and thoroughly researched by myself and my team of analysts – that are poised to deliver reliable and high dividend payouts over the long-term.


What’s more, the investments recommended in High Yield Wealth also have significant growth potential.


These are solid investments because they already produce profits – and the proof is the steady dividend!  


That means you’ll have a great dividend coming in while you wait for the stock to appreciate in value.


One more thing:  We never leave you in the dark. 


You get the full rationale behind every income investment recommendation... including any potential risks... so you'll have everything you need to make your own sound investment decisions.


Along the way, you'll also receive updates and alerts on current portfolio holdings, so you always have our latest research at your fingertips and know exactly where we stand.


High Yield Wealth is unlike most other income investment advisories available today.  You get...

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PLUS, you’ll also discover NEW income opportunities not regularly covered in the mainstream financial media – like these super credit unions that earn up to 52% a year over the past four years.


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Ian Wyatt

Chief Investment Strategist

High Yield Wealth


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* Investing in stocks carries certain risks for loss just as much as it presents opportunities for rewards. While each of the stocks in this new investment report has been thoroughly researched by professional analysts, investors are advised to perform their own research and due diligence before investing. Future returns claims made in this promotion are based on calculations and evaluations made to the best of the ability of High Yield Wealth research analysts, however they CANNOT be guaranteed and should not be considered as such.