Louis Navellier... America’s foremost stock picker... who Hulbert’s Financial Digest
says outperforms the market by 300% year after year... reveals....

Why a Falling Dollar Could Actually Make You Rich!

  • As usual, the media have it exactly backwards: A rock-bottom U.S. dollar has often come right before, and during, the greatest bull markets in history!
  • Here’s how to take advantage of a near-historic low dollar to earn mega-profits and dividend yields as high as 15.5% in 2013...

Dear Fellow Investor,

Louis Navellier here. I have a very important message that every investor needs to hear.

The U.S. dollar is plunging once again. Since August, the U.S. Dollar Index has dropped from around the 84 level to around 79 — a drop of about 6%.

This is close to being the lowest in history. After 9/11, the U.S. dollar index fell from 121.29 all the way down to 71.32 in 2008... when it clawed its way upwards as Europe came unraveled.

Many armchair economists and scare-mongers in the media want you to believe that a declining dollar is a sign of Armageddon, that we’re about to enter an era of hyper-inflation. They insist you should stay out of the stock market, buy gold and head for the hills.

That is completely, 100% DEAD WRONG.

The truth is, the falling U.S. dollar could end up making you far wealthier than you may have thought possible.

How do I know? Well, for one thing, my readers have seen some of their biggest gains come as the dollar has fallen. Our Blue Chip Growth stocks have been SOARING lately... one up 143%... another up 201.68%... still another up 151.86%... and two others up 70% or more each...

If this is what a low dollar does to stocks, I’ll take it!

I’ve been waiting for a locked-in profit opportunity like this for decades. Now it’s here. If I let this opportunity go by without alerting you to the opportunity, I’d never forgive myself.

The fact is, the last time the U.S. dollar fell this low, this fast, was in the late 1980s when it plunged a whopping 51%, from a high of 164.72 in September 1985 to 85.42 four years later.

And you know what happened to the stock market back then?

It took off like a proverbial rocket, that’s what!

The Dow skyrocketed from 1,329.19 on September 1, 1985 to 2,752.09 four years later — a total return of 107.05%. That works out to an average annual return of 20%.

And that wasn’t all.

From 2002 to 2008, the U.S. dollar plummeted again. It fell from 121.29 all the way down to 71.32 in early 2008.

Once again, the falling dollar coincided... not with hyper-inflation... not with economic disaster... but with a raging bull market that made many investors rich. Fortunes were made during those years!

From September 2002, the Dow shot up from 7528 to its then high of 14,083 five years later. That was a total gain of 85% over five years — or about 13% a year.

It’s during bull markets like these that we’ve been able to grab profits like...

  • 151.86% on Apple...

  • 307.01% on Dell...

  • 252.49% on Nokia...

  • 180.43% on Priceline.com...

  • 204.01% on Baidu...

  • 116.41% on Amazon.com...

  • 162.82% on Monsanto...

  • 371.33% on America Movil...

  • 195.28% on Suncor Energy...

My point is obvious: A low dollar does NOT mean the end of the world.

In fact, it usually means eye-popping profits... the kind that set your grandchildren up for life.

By taking advantage of macro trends like these... that benefit the world’s most successful companies... we’ve beaten the market by 300% since 1998… and have doubled our readers’ money 31 times since…

The Best Stocks Are Soaring Right Now...
and You DON’T Want to Miss Out!

I can’t emphasize enough how important a weak U.S. dollar is to many super-profitable multinational companies — and to our Blue Chip Growth stocks in particular.

From March 2002 to March 2008, the dollar fell 37% compared to 15 major currencies, as I’ve just said.

And for the five full years in that timeframe, 2003 through 2007, our Blue Chip Growth Buy List rose a spectacular 185% (according to Hulbert Financial Digest data).

That’s why I’ve created brand-new special report that reveals, for the first time, how you go about building substantial wealth in a low dollar world.

It’s called Wall Street’s Secret Money Machine: How a Falling Dollar Can Make You Rich.

I’ll tell you how to get a free copy in a moment.

But first, let me explain how the seeds have been sown for another explosive rally — and particularly for the multinational stocks that naturally benefit from a weak U.S. dollar.

How My Subscribers Have Made 143% in 30 Months on this Global Pharmaceutical Giant!

Here’s a classic example: Denmark’s Novo Nordisk A/S (NVO), a pharmaceutical manufacturer that I recommended to subscribers of my Blue Chip Growth newsletter in June 2010 when it was selling for just $79.92 a share and offered a 1.3% dividend.

Novo Nordisk is an excellently run large pharmaceutical manufacturer. It is one of the world’s leading producers of insulin, used to treat diabetes. And as populations around the world continue to gain weight, diabetes rates are skyrocketing — sadly — even among children.

According to a recent study reported in Health Day News, if current trends continue, cases of type 1 diabetes among European children younger than 15 will increase 70% by 2020.

And here’s what’s really crucial: Novo Nordisk has been rapidly growing its U.S. operations, adding an estimated 615 new employees and increasing sales by 9% a year.

You see, a lower U.S. dollar helps this company grow far faster than it could otherwise — one reason why its stock has shot up from $79.92, when I initially recommended it, to $192 today.

That’s a gain of 143% in just 30 months!

I’ll tell you all about Novo Nordisk in your free copy of Wall Street’s Secret Money Machine: How a Falling Dollar Can Make You Rich.

I’ll also tell you about dozens of other highly profitable companies that benefit from a low U.S. dollar, including...

  • A $14 billion chemical company that manufactures and markets nitrogen and phosphate-based fertilizers, pays a respectable dividend and is up 67% since I recommended it...
  • A retail company that operates roughly 2,970 luxury lingerie stores throughout North America and takes advantage of the low dollar to undercut many of its elite foreign competitors... with a stock that has risen 102% since I recommended it in 2010.
  • One of the world’s largest and most successful beverage companies, selling products in 13 countries, that has TRIPLED investors’ money since I recommended it...
  • Perhaps the largest wholesaler in the U.S. with an estimated 56 million customers in 40 states as well as Australia, Britain, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea and Taiwan.
  • And many more!

It’s NOT Different This Time:
Slow and Steady Investment in Quality
Companies is the Path to Real Wealth

Now, taking advantage of, rather than running from, a low U.S. dollar is one of my little secrets... but it’s hardly the only one.

According to Hulbert’s Financial Digest, my Blue Chip Growth newsletter has outperformed the S&P 500 by 300% since 1998...

That’s important to me, but here is what’s more important: According to Hulbert’s data, we’ve also beaten the S&P 500 by 3 to 1 even over the past 10 years, when the stock market has taken the worst beating since the Great Depression.

Despite the 2008-2009 stock crash, our Blue Chip Growth portfolios have posted an average annual return of 11% a year even including the crash!

To put that in perspective, an 11% average annual return is enough to turn every $100,000 portfolio into $283,942 in 10 years and into $806,231 in 20.

More realistically, if you start with a nest egg of $100,000 and add only $1,000 a month to it, in 20 years you’d have $1.7 million.

That’s why the subtitle of my special report is “How a Falling Dollar Can Make You RICH.”

Systematic and steady growth... taking advantage of market trends rather than fighting them... is the secret to real wealth.

And here’s another tip I thought I’d share with you...

The Power of Stock Buybacks to
Supercharge Your Blue Chip Portfolio

Ultra low interest rates also allow companies to sell debt at low rates and buy back older debt that carries higher interest rates and... buy back their stock!

About 85% of our Blue Chip Growth stocks are buying back at least $1 billion or more of their outstanding stock annually, which is fantastic.

Think about it: The fewer shares on the market not only increase demand, but underlying earnings per share also rise, even if overall profits remain flat.

It’s a win-win. To see how much buybacks help stocks, look at the chart above.

It shows four stocks in our Blue Chip Growth portfolio each with a stock buy-back program.

These stocks have at least $1 billion on the table to buy back stock and have gained an average of 23% since their stock buyback announcements (an average of twelve months). By comparison, the S&P 500 has climbed just 11% over the same time frame!

In your free copy of Wall Street’s Secret Money Machine: How a Falling Dollar Can Make You Rich, I explain all this in detail.

I’ll also reveal to you the role that high dividend yields, relentless stock buyback programs, truly stunning sales and earnings in an otherwise lackluster environment, and a strong currency tailwind all play in creating a million-dollar retirement portfolio.

Plus, I name names, revealing which stocks I believe will take off in 2013-2014 due to precisely these factors, including...

  • A global payments stock that has announced an additional $1.75 billion stock buyback program... a stock that has nearly TRIPLED in value since 2009.

  • The country’s leading auto parts chain that believes in itself so much it continually buys back more and more of its stock... one of the reasons why it’s has shot up from $34 a share in 2009 to $103 today.

  • A retail giant with an ongoing $15 billion stock buyback program that makes this is one of the best long-term consumer plays on the market.

  • One of the largest and most popular non-alcoholic beverage makers that just added $1 billion on top of its existing $2 billion stock buyback program... seeing its stock jump from $12 a share in 2009 to $45 a share today.

  • Not one but two tobacco stocks with aggressive stock buyback programs... and dividends over 5% for each.

  • And lots MORE!

Again, I’ll tell you all about these stocks in your FREE copy of my new special report, Wall Street’s Secret Money Machine: How a Falling Dollar Can Make You Rich.

But before I tell you how to get a copy, let me tell you about one last factor that I believe is going to give an enormous boost to the top-tier blue chip stocks this year...

How a Low Dollar Hands You
Dividend Payouts as High as 15.5%!

Dividends have always played a large role in our investing success.

Some of our biggest winners over the years have come from what others would consider "stodgy" old stocks.

For example, take the 163% capital gains we locked in with the seed company Monsanto (MON). Adding dividends, and we were closer to 175% gains. And the copper mining company Southern Copper handed us 75% gains. With dividends, we came away with a 95% profit.

But here’s what you must understand: The near-historic low U.S. dollar means that, if you play your cards right, you can lock in dividend yields of 10%, 12%, even 15% or more.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: With interest rates at historic lows and expected to stay there until at least 2015, dividend-paying stocks are taking center stage and getting a fresh round of buying pressure.

In fact, the dividend yield of the average S&P 500 stock is now higher than 10-Year Treasury notes, something that we haven’t seen in more than 60 years. Buying Treasuries at these prices is essentially throwing your hands in the air and giving up. The 10-Year T-note pays just 1.6%. That’s not even enough to cover inflation!

On the other hand, if you make sure to load up on the right dividend-paying stocks, you’ll lock in substantial annual income but also seeing the value of the underlying stock increase as well.

Here’s an example: A mortgage REIT that mimics what the Federal Reserve is doing with "Operation Twist."

Flush with cash, the company has been buying up mortgages, but not just any mortgages — those that are backed by the government.

This means that it’s positioned itself to profit from any housing recovery while also avoiding the risk that homeowners don’t pay their mortgages. It’s heads they win, tails they win.

And as a real estate investment trust (REIT), the company is required, by law, to distribute at least 90% of its income to its shareholders.

That’s why the company pays a mouth-watering 15.5% annual dividend.

You might expect that a dividend this large comes at the expense of capital appreciation, but you’d be wrong. Even during the real estate crash, this stock been rising steadily month after month — from $8 a share in 2009 to $32 a share today. That’s a total return of 300%!

Imagine: You collect 15.5% annual dividends... and you see your investment QUADRUPLE in value as well.

I’ll tell you all about this moth-watering REIT in Wall Street’s Secret Money Machine: How a Falling Dollar Can Make You Rich.

Plus,I’ll also tell you about some other income-boosting dividend stocks that have appreciated in value, including...

  • A cigarette manufacturer that pays out a 15.5% annual yield and has nearly DOUBLED in value in the past 24 months...

  • The fourth-largest oil company in Latin America with a respectable 7.4% annual dividend yield and stock that appreciated 52% in 2012 ...

  • A large-cap agricultural stock that yields a hefty 6.7% dividend yield and has grown from $12 a share in 2009 to $43 today...

  • One of the leading manufacturers of hard disk drives that offers an annual yield of 4.3% while its stock has grown nearly 700% since 2009...

And lots MORE!

Now More Than Ever, You Need Someone
to Guide You Through the Mine Field

I can honestly say that 2013 could end up being one of the most profitable we’ve seen in years.

The combination of a rock-bottom dollar... soaring corporate profits... HUGE stock buybacks... and rising dividends... all point to some very nice gains.

It’s time to make some serious money!

But... there is one caveat: you have to be very careful as well. The opportunities have rarely been more spectacular but the dangers are greater as well.

That’s why I’d like to offer you a zero-risk trial of my Blue Chip Growth investing service.

You see, I’ve been doing this a very, very long time.

I can tell you sincerely that, once you try all of the fads and gimmicks — once you invest in sector ETFs and emerging markets and this system and that contrarian approach — it all comes back to basics.

If you want to make money consistently, year after year, you have to invest in quality companies in expanding markets and that produce growing profits — top-tier blue chip companies like the ones we recommend in Blue Chip Growth.

The proof is in the pudding. As documented by Hulbert, we’ve consistently outperformed the market by 3-to-1 since 1998 — year after year.

And don’t take my word for it.

Here are what some ordinary investors have to say...

Folks like Rosemary B., a long-time member of my Blue Chip Growth advisory service from Florida, who recently wrote to report:

“In the two years since we subscribed, our net worth has more than doubled.”

And like Pearl P., another Blue Chip Growth member from Ohio who boasts,

“My broker used to give me advice. Now he asks me what I’m interested in. Mr. Navellier is my HERO.”

Herb M. From California said:

"The Blue Chip Growth Service gives me what I want--a list of the best specific stocks to choose to invest in. The Navellier stock screening process boils it all down for me. Couldn’t be simpler."

And there was Richard S. from New Jersey:

“It has helped me make huge gains for me and my family. You have a lifetime subscriber in me—a true believer and you can quote me on that! Thanks millions!”

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Once you’ve read Wall Street’s Secret Money Machine — once you see how exciting 2013 is likely to be for savvy growth and income investors — you’ll need a regular monthly source of news, analysis and investment advice in order to maximize your profits in the world’s most profitable companies.

That’s why I created Blue Chip Growth.

Every month from now on — and more often whenever there’s news to report — I’ll give you everything you need to profit from companies that are cashing in on the falling U.S. dollar.

PLUS, I’ll also lead you to tremendous new opportunities — primarily in companies with the best earnings and sales growth and the strongest buying pressure.

In every issue of Blue Chip Growthand through our encrypted website and email alerts, you’ll get ...

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  • My Blue Chip Growth forum: I’ve created special message boards as a way for you to keep updated on all of our current positions. I post stock updates from time-to-time, but you can utilize the boards by sharing stock news as well as asking me (or other subscribers) questions. If you’re new to using message boards and want to make the most out of your experience, we provide a handy how-to guide and a list of do’s and don’ts.

  • PLUS, answers to your most pressing questions: In every issue, my Blue Chip Growth answers your questions and concerns about the direction of the overall economy... what’s happening in the stock market... how energy prices will impact our portfolios... what you need to know about inflation and capital preservation... what investments to own right now… when to buy and sell… the dangers and pitfalls to look out for… and much more.

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  • Why it’s important to divide your portfolio into three distinct "risk categories" …

  • The importance of proper timing when buying stocks...

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  • How to use the Blue Chip Growth Buy List when designing your million-dollar retirement portfolio...

  • And much, MUCH more!

BONUS GIFT #3: The Great Energy Boom of 2013-2014— a $29 Value, Yours FREE! Make no mistake: a number energy stocks are about to take Wall Street by storm again—thanks to the Fed’s low-dollar and low interest rate policies. But not all energy companies are created equal. Crude oil has been even more volatile of late, so safety is the name of the game if you want to profit from energy stocks. As a result, I’ve evaluated the entire list of utilities and independent power producers in the entire country. And from that list, I’ve identified a handful that will not only buck the trend of lower energy costs but also profit from them. I tell you about...

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  • Why a company’s willingness to pay consistent dividends over many years is a pretty good indicator that it is on solid ground and that it is backed by strong fundamentals...

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  • Another beverage manufacturer that makes bigger profits as the dollar falls...

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If You Don’t Act On This Exciting
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In this brief message, I’ve tried to explain why a low U.S. dollar is an unprecedented opportunity to make a tremendous amount of money relatively quickly.

This is what the biggest and most successful companies in the world are doing: rather than running from or denouncing the economic realities they face (such as historic low interest rates and a low dollar), they find ways to profit from them!

And one of the ways you can profit from a low dollar and historic low interest rates is to invest in those companies (mostly large-cap multi-nationals) that see their profits rise and the dollar declines.

I’ve also shown you why a low dollar can have an unexpected side effect: it can actually produce income investments with far greater yields (such as the 15.5% annual yield from one of my top recommendations) than you could expect with a solid dollar.

For these and many other reasons, I am absolutely convinced that we’re going to enjoy a “blue chip bonanza” in 2013… and perhaps much, much higher profits in 2014 …

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